Freelancer Info


If you have services you want to offer on Ajuma, you can apply through the app. We will review your application, if you are approved you can bid on jobs

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If you see a job you would like to take, you can place a bid with a price you think is fair

Get Paid

Once the job is complete, you can update the job status and the customer will get a notification to check your work. Once the customer marks the job as complete, you will be paid. Your account balance can be cashed out via mobile money or spent via the Ajuma Card*

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Ajuma Card*

The Ajuma card is a virtual debit card we will be introducing later this year. You will be able to manage your income as well as view and track your spending from the Ajuma app


Physical Cards

We will also be introducing physical cards later in 2021. Note that this service will only be available for our "Pro" service providers. Those are service providers who have completed 20 jobs and have at least a 4.0 rating